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Interested in maritime decarbonation?

Switch to SolidSail for free fuel propulsion

SolidSail is your solution, using the world’s largest sail area.
Wind propulsion is possible but requires a large scale!

The product

SolidSail delivers for all

SolidSail technology is available for all ship owners and shipyards involved in wind propulsion projects.
SolidSail, a unique technology, offers product sizes ranging from 800 to 1,500m² of sail per rig.

Large vessels deserve large sail areas

Fully automated for safe operations.

Fully mature and sea-proven

SolidSail technology is fully tested and has already crossed the Atlantic.

Go beyond the regulations!

The rise in fuel prices means that efficient wind propulsion is vital to scale down your exposure.

Our markets

All shipyards, all owners

Do you have a project for a commercial sailing ship?
Thanks to our vessel designers’/builders’ roots, we have a SolidSail solution for you.
Book your production slot now.

Home_NEOLINE-ST-NAZAIRE_2023 Under construction
Home_PRAO_SOLID_SAIL_Mer Concept
Home_CDA RORO SOLID SAIL ri5-2 Concept
Home_VLCC_PERS-DEF Concept
Home_SILENSEAS Under construction
A team project

An experienced team for your project

The SolidSail team is mainly composed of engineers and technicians who have already designed and built ships for Chantiers de l’Atlantique.
Among them are some recognised offshore sailors who bring their competitive mindset to enhance performance.
Your project will be enhanced thanks to this mixed mindset: industrial focus, performance-oriented!


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Our partners

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